What Is The Right Amount Of CBD For Me?

The amount of CBD your systems require can vary greatly depending on a variety of factors. It is not uncommon for people needing to take 10 times the amount as another person in a similar situation. Similarly, some people nay need to use our products multiple times a day and others use them only as needed. 

Our company is aligned with one purpose: creating safe, accessible CBD for many years to come. Rather than pretending to know what is best for your specific situation, we want to give you the tools to safely and accurately determine the right amount for you.

How To Measure CBD Content 

Tinctures may seem hard to measure at first, but the reason companies sell them is to help ensure accurate serving sizes. CBD on its own is extremely hard to measure without a very accurate scale. By dissolving CBD evenly within a liquid solution, you can guarantee a consistent amount per milliliter, which can be easily measured with an eye dropper. Once you know the potency of a tincture, you can quickly calculate how many milliliters you will need to get a desired number of milligrams of CBD.

How To Find Your Perfect Serving Size

If you’re deciding how much you should take, it is best to take an educated approach. We recommend starting with a small serving (10-20mg of CBD), waiting an hour or two and seeing if you notice any changes. If you do not notice any effects, increase your serving size. Keep track of how much you are taking and what you saw as a result and repeat this process until you find the right serving size for you.

How Much Is Too Much?

We always recommend staying on the side of caution and staying below 300mg of CBD per day. Taking more than you need will cost you more money over time and won’t you achieve any desired effects.  If you feel you may be taking too much, try decreasing your serving size and see if it makes a difference.