Unwated beginnings….

From as far back as I can recall, I was always anxious. Trying to speak without stumbling over my words because I am nervous is an all too familiar novelty. My anxiety hit its peak when I was about 13, my parents (whom I learned later in life also suffered from the same issue) decided to send me to a psycologist. I was prescribed an unhealthy does of anti-depressants which put me down a long road of side-effects. In my late 20’s (now early 30’s), I found that these side-effects were not only getting worse but also started to negatively affect my life.

Changing for the better

I needed a change and I needed to make one quick. So I decided to reduce my medication and try to cope with the results. Mind you I had been taking SSRI’s for the better part of 2 decades, this was no easy feat. The first month was filled with sleepless nights (outside of the my other sleepless nights), incoherent thoughts, and to top it all off my depression was back. Hello old familiar friend, how I did not miss you.  As I slowly lowered the dose, these withdrawl symptoms became worse. Trying to get a days worth of work done was a marathon of mental gymnastics. I was tired and emotional all the time.

Finding relief

One weekend my family had a get together and the topic of CBD came up. My nephew who also had bad anxiety began taking it to help. Surprise! It did and worked very well for him. I went home that night curious and excited for the possibility of getting some relief. I found a couple of brands and ordered one. It arrived a couple days later and to my disappointment, it did not work right away. But after some experimenting with the dosage mixed with time, I found that the anxiety, the depression, and worst of all the hopelessness, began to fade. I then went completely off my anti-depressants and have been off those for several years now. I started this company shortly after because of this experience and the relief CBD can help provide with anxiety. If this sounds like you and what you are currently experiencing, please give CBD a chance. It could help save you and bring your life back.   

Stay happy, stay healthy, and stay positive.

Sean Henry

Happy Tree CBD